Top 10 Reasons to List with Fred

1.  Exposure

We distribute your listing to dozens of the most frequented websites on the internet from Google and Zillow to and dozens of others.

2. Reach

Our global affiliations allow us to immediately distribute your listing to specialized real estate agents throughout the country.

3. Expertise

You are represented by experiences Sales Associates who bring with them a vast and thorough knowledge of the real estate market both on the national and local levels which greatly facilitate their ability to negotiate on your behalf.

4. Concierge Services

Every inquiry I receive is directed to a highly trained and experienced Realtor where it is expertly handled ith urgency and professionalism. It is our sole mission to exceed our clients’ expectations and fulfill all of their needs.

5. Marketing Savvy

Each property is treated with individual attention. We custom design all marketing materials which we use to promote your home in all advertising media to assure that your home will receive the greatest possible amount of public viewing.

6. Reliability

Pricing your home correctly the first time is absolutely critical to getting your home viewed and sold within a short time span. I employ a series of the most effective analytical tools available to derive the best price for your home.

7. Technology

I see a distinct relationship between providing clients with highly profitable benefits and the advances of technology. Knowing that 93% of buyers start their home search online, our website provides our clients with the very latest advances in software development. Our buyers find the greatest ease in searching for their home: our sellers find our website the best means to promote their property. We are constantly in search of the latest cutting edge technology to effectively market your home. By using these technologies, we can ensure maximum exposure for your property. Ask me for a sample of what we have done for our past clients and how we can do the same for you!

8. Innovation

I am always looking at ways to broaden my market reach through “real time” technology. By utilizing applications such as iPhone, Android and Google Search I allow your home to be effectively marketed and promoted in an increasingly mobile environment.

9. Connected to the Community

What matters to my clients is what matters to me. That’s because I not only work in the communities I serve, but I live and play here too. I make it my business to know what’s happening in the market, not only today, but every day. I make it my business to know what’s happening in the market, not only for today, but for the future as well.

10. I am the Choice in Our Market

I am steadfast in embracing the future of real estate. By creating innovative solutions for tomorrow’s challenges, I will set the business standards based on the goals and vision of our founders. I will serve through changing times and will meet and exceed the needs and goals of our clients, and thus, be the Real Estate Agent of choice in our market today and tomorrow.